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Interactive Calendar

Interactive Calendar 1.3

Highly customizable, interactive desktop calendar

Interactive Calendar is a handy desktop calendar with which you won’t lose tracks of any meetings, appointments or upcoming events.The most outstanding feature in Interactive Calendar is its perfect integration with the Windows desktop. Thanks to...
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  • by Anonymous

    Seem to be a reluctant calendar this one!. I do like the appearance of this calendar and how you could use whatever fonts, sizes, colour you wish to use, however, the alarm doesn't seem to work and also, here's this one thing that annoys me to no end...the fact that I can't double-click to activate the calendar on desktop (I could only access it when desktop starts up and the tip menu popped up... More

  • by Anonymous

    Was fine until it messed up. . The calendar worked great for me until a few days ago it messed up. It wasn't saving or showing any of the items I typed in to keep track of. It would not show up on my desktop every time like I had it set to do either. I uninstalled it. Pros: Easy to use.

  • by Anonymous

    Simple and Easy - I Like it!. The default options for this program are excellent; I needed to revise very little. The program is easy to use and very simple making it easy for anyone to install and use. Functionality is smooth and intuitive. Double clicking on the cells on the desktop to add an appointment - SO EASY. It does however lack features. There's no sharing options so I have to update my More